Steps to reconfigure email settings


Due to the acquisition of Internet My Way, a faster connection and larger mail server were required to continue to provide the best services possible for our customers. Due to that change, some slight modifications will need to be made to your email account settings. The following instructions should make this a fairly painless transition.


To change Outlook settings:


*      Open Outlook.

*      Select Tools, Email Accounts, and choose to edit your current account.

*      When presented with the following screen, please set your user name to include the domain name as well. (ie.




*      Your initial password has been set to abc123. For security purposes you should change the password immediately. The following explains how to change your password online.





*      Open Internet Explorer and type the following in your address bar:

































*      For the user ID, please remember to use the new format of username@domainname. (ie.

*      Enter abc123 into the password screen and click Login.

*      Click continue and you will be brought to the information screen.





*      Click on the icon indicated below and follow the instructions to change your password. Your password will need to contain numbers as well as, letters. If your current password was, mydogsname, your new password will need to be something like, mydogsname1.
































If you require assistance at any time, please call us at: 765-827-4293.

We are committed to providing you with the best and fastest broadband services available. Thank you for your continued trust in YDial Broadband.




                                                                                          Michael Huber

                                                                                          Vice President of Technology

                                                                                          YDial Broadband