Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions for your business or Residence is were YDial really shines. We love to develop and implement customs solutions that fits your unique needs. We work with you as a Partner from the moment of contact to years of support down the road.

Fair & Camp Grounds

Ready to Deploy Wifi for your patrons.

How it works: We develop and install a coverage area that suites your needs to resell our internet to your customers on site. You are then provided an interface that allows your customers to purchase a Wifi Token from you. Similar to Wifi that is available for purchase at Airports or Stadiums.

Utility Sites

Do you have a Utility Service that is in a hard to reach location? We can help bring an internet connection to that location so that you can remotely monitor your site or service.

Business Networking

Our Business Networking Team helps you to bring your business into the future. We can provide network infrastrure support and installation to your site.

Residential Networking

Our Residential Customers sometimes have a need they can’t quite scratch on their own, We are there to help.

We can help you blanket your property with Wifi and Internet. These could be going to a camera system for remote monitoring, or bring Internet Radio & Video to your favorite spot by the pool, or high in the hayloft.


No Matter what your use case is for our service. We love to see the unique ways that you want to bring your home or business into the 21st Century!



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